“She can lift an agency
to great heights.”

—Jeff Wolff




Top-10 Business School

University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Senior Multimedia Designer
Jun 2013 – Present

  • Established the brand architecture and ID standards

  • Led the evolution of the school’s large-scale design system and the design build-out of

  • Developed strategic template systems for web, email, sub-brand ID systems, and various print materials

  • Directed creative for digital and print, responsive web design, publication design, photo art direction; advertising and print production

  • Directed and designed 12 issues of Dividend Magazine

  • Provided professional development information for a 30-person department

Gold MarCom Award:, 2014, MarCom Awards
Gold Award:
Dividend Magazine, Edu Ad Awards
Merit: BBA Student Viewbook, Edu Ad Awards
Merit: Dividend Magazine, Edu Ad Awards

Reference: On request

Digital Agency

The C2 Group, MI
Senior Interaction Designer
Feb 2013 – Jun 2013

  • Led web discovery; benchmarking; IA evaluation and restructuring; wireframing; and design for responsive and adaptive websites

  • Reimagined the company website—IA, wireframes, voice, headlines, and design

  • Led design for new business pitches—video and animation storyboarding; photographic and illustrative asset creation; infographic design; landing page design

  • Presented work to clients and leadership

  • Mentored the design team

Below Reference: K. Wolting

Marketing Agency

Full Circle Marketing & Interactive, MI
Senior Art Director
Jan 2011 – Feb 2013

  • Led design for multi-channel Haworth (corporate) product launch initiatives

  • Developed key supporting materials for Haworth dealers (U.S.), including customizable web templates; individual dealer-specific environmental graphics; regional print, outdoor, and digital advertising

  • Wrote ad campaigns, identity guidelines, web styles and functional specifications

  • Directed photography, storyboarded, and illustrated for motion design deliverables

  • Designed the agency website,

  • Contributed branding and advertising experience to the team

Award: Silver Addy, web design, DeVos Place Convention Center

Below Reference: M. Moallemian

Advertising Agency

Davis Advertising, MA
Junior Director (Art), Senior Designer
Feb 2004 – Jan 2010

  • Co-managed a team of twelve designers

  • Developed omni-channel creative for agency clients, including full ID systems and standards, ad campaigns, UI design, and various print and digital tactics

  • Led creative for new business pitches

Recognition: Increased undergrad applications to Westfield State College by 160% from ’06 to ’07, increasing admit selectivity and lifting overall brand perception

Below References: J. Wolff and A. Primeau

Branding Firm

Monigle Associates, CO
Graphic Designer
Sep 2000 – Sep 2002

  • Designed the world’s largest masterbrand packaging system (3500+ packages)

  • Developed brand architectures for highly complex organizations (The Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Clinic Health System, and the St. John Health System)

  • Performed foundational brand work for Fortune 1000 companies and supported them with brand management content, assets, and tools

Award: 2001 eHealthcare Award for Innovation, Cleveland Clinic Health System

Below Reference: T. Tyndorf


Freelance Creative
2000 – Current

As a freelancer I’ve worked with clients around the U.S. on their identity systems, websites, advertising, marketing collateral, writing, and illustration.

Below Reference: K. Seavitt


Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI
BS, Graphic Design
1996-2000, 2009





BMW Mini
Various Dealers


Berkshire Bank
Fidelity Bank
Independent Bank
The Bank of Holland


Don Longo


Duluth Institute of Art
ETS Financial Campus
Westfield State College
Worcester State College
Worcester State Univ.
Univ. of New Hampshire
Univ. of Michigan


Haworth (Corporate)
Haworth Dealers
Jordan’s Furniture


Bolhouse Law


BD Medical
The Cleveland Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic Health System
St. John Health System 
St. Joseph/Candler Health System
St. Vincent Hospital


Grand Rapids Art Museum
Seven Hills Foundation
The Shine Initiative


DCU Center
DeVos Place
DeVos Performance Hall
Duluth Trading, Co.
Johnson Outdoors
Kilwins Chocolates
VanAndel Arena


Charter Communications



The creative strategist is practiced at ever-alternating their thought-space; mentally extrapolating a single element across a design system to anticipate its effects on the big picture.

The same is true for idea generation—alternately reaching deep into the imagination and resurfacing to test for practicality and emotional tone.


Experienced senior creative leader with a broad spectrum of strategic work—from Fortune 1000 brand management, ID systems, advertising, and various print and digital tactics to wayfinding, environments, packaging, and vehicle graphic systems.


Caring, straightforward, and compassionate leader who is well-tuned to clients’ and coworkers’ needs.


Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Google Suite, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, HTML, CSS, Axure, Xmind



She understands, that before anything else, this is a business of concepts and ideas, and she generates ideas, targeted, impactful, innovative ideas, and brings them to life as often and as quickly as you and I blink. But talent without PRIDE will get you just so far, and she is head and shoulders above the rest precisely because her pride matches her immense talent. Gretchen is a rare person, and a very rare talent. She can lift an agency to great heights.

—J. Wolff
Former Group CD, Jordan Chase McGrath
Deputy CD, Satchi & Satchi
Group CD, Grey Advertising
Agency Troubleshooter, J Walter Thompson

As a young, inexperienced, and dangerously naive copywriter, it was invaluable to work directly with a creative as thoughtful, skilled and patient as Gretchen. She made me a better writer, a better thinker. Now, as a senior writer working with young and experienced designers alike, I feel even more fortunate to have conspired so closely with someone of her incredible talent and passion. She lives, breathes, and cares about this stuff more than most anyone I’ve known before or since, and it’s something that’s just so damn hard to find.

—A. Primeau
Senior Copywriter, BEAM Interactive

Gretchen has proven herself invaluable in the creation of our brand management website. She was responsible for all technical, design and administrative activities, and was instrumental in the development of a structured design template for packaging—a key accomplishment, and the foundation for creating a consistent packaging system.

She is customer focused; demonstrates a bias for achieving results while being attentive to details and accuracy; and sets high standards for herself while pursuing objectives with a sense of urgency. Gretchen is a team player. She engages the customer and creates a work environment that is characterized by participation, involvement and continuous learning.

—T. Tyndorf
Director, Company Identity, BD Medical Devices

Gretchen, or Gretch as I lovingly refer to her as, is one of the best creatives I have ever worked with. What makes her the best? Most likely it’s all of her other, undesigner-like, skills coupled with her immense design chops—the skill set that elevates a designer into the creative director stratosphere. She’s funny, smart, intuitive and most importantly, she gets it—It, being: people, brand, content, design, and why design needs to be more than just pretty. She demands that design say something about a brand that connects and engages in a unique, authentic way.

We worked on one project together and like a crack addict looking for his next back ally hit, I’ve been jonesing for my next Gretch fix ever since. Gretch? Gretch?!

—K. Seavitt
President, Hypercreative inc.
Formerly at BBDO, Leo Burnette, J Walter Thompson

Ever wondered how to take a project to the next level? Work with Gretchen. I had the distinct honor of working with her for the duration of several projects. She brought calm and thoughtfulness to complex situations and used her sharp wit and uncanny sense for design to create first-class work. Best yet she inspired not only myself but the entire team to be better designers. She is an open-minded, original, creative force-to-be-reckoned-with, and as a director leads the pack in brilliance and creativity.

K. Wolting
Senior UX Designer, Atomic Design

Gretchen not only presented top rate creative, but the technical experience to efficiently and intelligently execute any project. In the agency, we often relied on Gretchen to deliver the unexpected solution to a creative problem. With a quirky sense of humor and a great smile, Gretchen was always engaged with the agency team and her clients—extremely well-liked and pleasant to be around. Gretchen would make a great addition to any company that is interested in the complete package—talent, creativity, personality and attitude. If I can be on any assistance, please feel free to contact me. 

—M. Moallemian
CD, HexArmor