You need more than a strong line


Gretchen goes to great lengths to return with a variety of ideas in tow and has the patience and tenacity to tame them while protecting their authenticity.


In thinking and in doing, there are infinite ways to view a problem. Gretchen always has a foot on the ground and fingertips in the clouds.


Through the years, clients of all types have trusted her ability to quickly see the core of their challenges and solve with creativity and clarity.


She'll tell you it's genetics, but whatever the case, she brings intelligence to the job. Both technical and creative inclinations are handy traits.


Positivity is contagious, and she has an inspiring appetite for knowledge and betterment that affects the people and projects she touches. 


You don't get a reputation like hers without having a near unholy passion for the work, the thinking, and the team. Passion leads.

She understands, that before anything else, this is a business of concepts and ideas, and she generates ideas—targeted, impactful, innovative ideas—and brings them to life as often and as quickly as you and I blink. But talent without PRIDE will get you just so far, and she is head and shoulders above the rest precisely because her pride matches her immense talent. Gretchen is a rare person, and a very rare talent. She can lift an agency to great heights.
— Jeff Wolff, Former CD, Grey Advertising, Jordan Chase McGrath, Satchi & Satchi